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Entry #1

A little info bout me :D

2010-11-13 20:46:59 by Unnai

A talker, a lover, a sweet girl with a freak-streak. Careful not to fall in love, but freely loves many. Antisocial by a mile, codependent by a kilometer. I am a living oxymoron.


I miss these cats and people:

R.I.P. Twiggle Nov/15/2009
R.I.P. Prissy Aug/18/2010
R.I.P. Jack Sep/17/2010
R.I.P. Daddy Oct/25/2010


My name is April, I am 21 years old.

* I am bisexual
* I like animals
* I like lists icon_biggrin.gif
* I like to draw, but I can't draw very well
* I like making graphics
* I like George Carlin (R.I.P.)
* I like Chinese food
* I like having piercings and tattoos
* I like video games
* I like Bill Hicks (R.I.P.)
*I am ADHD
*I am OCD (Mainly with numbers.)
*I have depression

All three of those have been diagnosed, so I am not just assuming.


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